Markets Announced For MP4-12C by McLaren

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McLaren has been very famous in the news because of the upcoming model of its sports car MP4-12C whose final design was unveiled on 8 September 2009 and finally the company has announced 35 different markets of the world where it is going to sell the formula one inspired MP4-12C on Friday and the main markets which are going to get this amazing model include: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto.

Sports Car MP4-12C

The new MP4-12C as revealed last year will be coming with a 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 engine that has got the capabilities to produce the power of 600hp and 440 ft-lb torque. The price of the new model has not yet been confirmed but the company is claiming that the details will also be revealed before the arrival into those markets. The new McLaren’s production will be started in new McLaren Production Center and this will be available in 35 franchises in 19 different countries.

The North American markets are expected to get 300 – 400 of the 1000 cars that will be developed in 2011. So the MP4-12C lovers should get their fingers crossed for getting hands on this exciting model as this one is coming very soon.

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