Luxury Upgrades for Passenger Cars

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Every car owner would like to have his vehicle look as spectacular and impressive as possible, but not everyone can afford a luxury vehicle straight off the dealer lot.  If you have to settle for a more generic passenger car, though, don’t worry.  There are plenty of aftermarket add-ons and replacements out there for you to take advantage of, many which could significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.  For those drivers who value beautifully designed car interiors, pristine condition car exteriors, and subtle touches that bring the whole look together, then consider some of these upgrade ideas meant to transform a car from ordinary vehicle to luxury car, truck, or SUV.


Stock hoods are often both have and dated in appearance.  Taking the brunt of the usual wear and tear cars endure over the years, the hood can quickly go from its pristine appearance to an item that suddenly looks like it belongs in a junkyard, even if the rest of the car is in relatively good shape.  If there are dents, markings, or other kinds of damage on your car’s hood, replacing it is essential.  The hood makes up a very large portion of your car’s exterior appearance, so it can either reflect positively or negatively on your vehicle in a huge way.  If you want a durable, long-lasting hood that’s bold and modern, try a carbon fiber hood.  Want something that’s as lightweight as possible and super streamlined?  Go with a fiberglass hood replacement.

Vertical Doors

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One of the most daring and easily noticeable signs of luxury on a car is its door setup.  Most car doors open outward and close inward, but with vertical doors, car doors glide open and slide down to closed position. Vertical doors, also known as Lambo doors, are sleek, inviting, and highly stylish.  Most often seen only on the highest-end sports cars, a set of vertical doors can make even the most homely of vehicles look high in style.

Interior Upgrades

The outside of your car isn’t alone in affecting how it looks.  In fact, most people who spend time around your car will probably spend the majority of it inside of your vehicle.  Torn upholstery, mildew-laden floor mats, and uncomfortable seating can all affect how someone views your car’s interior space.  Items such as dash covers and new floor mats can cover up stains.  Seat covers or racing seats can provide for a custom seating environment.  And a new steering wheel can be equipped with numerous high-tech controls, all at the reach of your fingertips.  If you really want a luxury car, start with the interior space and work outwards from there.

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