Lexus LFA Roadster Concept Showcased in the Land of the Rising Sun

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The Lexus LFA Roadster concept has been recently displayed during 2015 Media Ambition Tokyo. The open-top yellow LFA technical and mechanical specifications are not available at this moment, but suffice to say that LFA roadster is not going into production.

The initial concept for LFA Roadster was displayed back in 2008 at the Geneva Motor Show, but never made it to the production lines, as market conditions were deemed unstable. That was however was red in color with no turn signals.

The event which was hosted at Roppongi Hills building complex displayed the video and audio installation entitled ”1,120” which is a throwback to the 1220mm height of the LFA. Car enthusiasts will not be able to take the car for a test run, instead will have to settle for a virtual drive. This virtual drive entails massive overhead screens projecting images of various locations which will convey the sensation of driving the car to the person sitting at its wheel.

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