How To Sell Your Car Like A Pro

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Are you in the market for a new car? If so, you will doubtless be thinking about what to do with your existing car. A lot of folks will simply trade in their cars for their new ones at car dealerships because it is the easiest thing to do from their point of view.

But the trouble with that approach is, you will hardly ever get the amount your car is worth! Car dealers will happily take your car in as part-exchange because they know they can sell it on for a profit. If you want to know how to sell your car like a pro, check out these amazing tips!

Make it worthy to be displayed in a car showroom

No-one ever got a good resale value for their car by selling it completely covered in mud and dirt, and with an interior that resembled the contents of your rubbish bin!

The number one golden rule for selling used cars is to give them an extensive clean inside and out.

Regardless of whether you do the job yourself, or you pay a professional valeter and detailer to do it for you, the results will be worth it when you get paid handsomely for the private sale of your car.

The process could take as little as ten minutes and about as long as a week, depending on the condition of your car and how you want your car cleaned. To give you an example, I typically keep the interior of my car clean and wash the exterior once a week.

To prepare my own car for sale would probably only take me a couple of hours if I were to be extremely thorough with my cleaning, and included polishing and waxing within my cleaning regime.

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Has your car been modified?

Some people consider car modifications to be an attractive and value-increasing idea, yet as with many things in life, modifications are subjective; what you might consider “awesome” could seem “abysmal” to other people!

Unless you are trying to sell a heavily-modified, race track-ready car, I recommend that you remove any modifications and put the car back to standard. Consumers are more likely to buy a standard car than a modified.

You can also sell any “bolt-on” modifications such as alloy wheels, suspension systems, turbochargers and so forth, and have extra cash to put towards your new car purchase.


Now that you have tackled the physical appearance of your car, the next step is to make it sound great too. If you are lax with your servicing, this will show whenever a prospective buyer comes to see your car.

Bob from Hilton Garage says that most rough-running problems that your car might exhibit can be cured by giving your car a full service!

Aside from changing the oil and oil filter, renewing the spark plugs, running some engine flush through the block and renewing other vital fluids that your engine needs can make it run like a million bucks again!

Should you not have the tools or skills to perform your own service, pay a friendly mechanic to do it for you.

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