How to Save Fuel While Driving

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Save Fuel

Fuel efficient cars are the latest trend of modern automobile industry but it’s not necessary that everyone can afford such cars in fact most of the people of the world are those who have not yet shifted towards the fuel efficient cars and they are still using the conventional manual cars for their travelling.

Photo by anonymoustroll

Photo by anonymoustroll

However for the drivers of manual cars it is not difficult to make less consumption of fuel in their cars either for saving money or natural resources because saving fuel may not only help in saving money but it will also decrease the poisonous emissions that very dangerous for healthy environment. In this article there are some guidelines provided for the drivers to make their cars fuel efficient.

  • It has been proved that the aggressive driving increases the fuel consumption up to 40% and specially the ‘jack rabbit’s’ start and hard braking are the major contributor to increased fuel consumption. The best way to decrease the fuel consumption is to accelerate slowly and smoothly and then go to high gears as quick as possible.
  • Remember the extra weight in the car also takes extra fuel consumption, so before going outside with your car always take out the extra stuff placed in your car which is not required for you. Take off roof racks and trailers if they are not needed as they add extra weight.
  • Car’s maintenance is very necessary for making your car fuel efficient, so periodically service your car and get the engine tuned and align the wheels. Also inflate tyres for the perfect pressure.
  • Try to maintain the steady speed of your car by using the highest gear possible and most efficient speed is typically around 45-50mph and driving more than this can increase you fuel consumption.
  • Don’t turn on the engine and leave it idling just to warm up your car, this activity can waste the fuel and causes engine wear.
  • Don’t turn on the air condition for a long period of time as it can significantly increase the fuel consumption especially at the low speed.
  • For the better fuel efficiency you should try to avoid overfilling the tank while refueling as fuel can spill and just evaporate.
  • Plan your journey completely and efficiently to avoid congestion, road work and getting lost before reaching your destination.

These are some of the guidelines which can prove to be very effective for saving fuel while driving even with a manual car that is not claimed to be the fuel efficient car.

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