How to drive on ice

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Ice Driving

Winter season is getting more and harsher these days and travelling is one of the main problems which most of the people face who live in the snowy climate. The road become slippery and difficult for driving and while travelling to some long distance you are never certain that you’ll reach your destination at your estimated time as heavy snow can stop you on the way any time. So some very necessary precautions must be taken before making a journey in snow. In this article I am going to give you some very important tips which will make your journey safe and on-time.

  1. Photo by LateApexing

    Photo by LateApexing

    First of all check local weather and traffic condition before going to the roads and if conditions are severe and travelling is not so necessary then cancel your trip because the bad weather these days can become worst for the drivers so staying home and watching the snowfall from your window is the best choice.

  2. Don’t try to go for short cuts and try to stick to the main roads as incase of any accident you can get aid and it will also help you make your way out of that problem, a lonely way will increase your problems even more than decreasing them.
  3. Check the condition of your car before going to the journey i.e. check the tiers and also check the wheel balancing is perfect, drop some anti freezing agent into your car, also check the battery if it is working fully or not, see if the headlights are working fully or not.
  4. If you are going to travel a long distance passage then you friends or family must know the proper track which you are going to follow as incase of any sudden accident they will be able to help you out of that situation. The drastic climate can bury you and your car so try to let others know where you are going.
  5. In case you get stricken into the snow because of heavy snow and road’s blockage then you should have extra clothing and blanket in your car along with that you should have food and drinks, torch and an extra mobile battery to keep yourself connected to your loved ones.
  6. The black ice can be very dangerous for the drivers and it usually appears on the roads as wet patches and usually tends to form on bridges and overpasses where the cold air can pass above and beneath the road surfaces.
  7. If the noise of your tyres on the roads suddently stops then it is the alarm for you that you are driving on ice and its time now to be more careful.
  8. Sudden application of brakes while travelling is very important part of ice travelling but tries to use your brakes, steering and clutches as gently as possible because in case there is some problem with these parts you can have very drastic accident.
  9. Make sure that your mirrors and windows and especially the lights are cleared from ice as this is very important for full visibility. Partial cleared window from ice is considered a breakage of traffic rules and it also takes you into high risk of accident do always clear your window from snow first and then start your travelling as it will ensure your better safety.

These were some of the very important tips which will help you while ice driving and these are very mandatory to avoid accidents so try to follow them at your best as it is for your own security.

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