Honda will Unveil New Civic at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show

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Honda is the name of excellence and it always try to introduce some innovative features in its vehicles that’s why its brands are so much popular among people all over the world. Civic is one of the most renowned auto brand of Honda and people desperately wait for the announcement of its new models. If you are eagerly waiting for New Civic you will be excited to know that Honda will introduce the new Civic for the very first time in IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in coming September.

New Civic is especially designed and produced for the European Market; Honda is well aware of the fact that there are several potential customers of Civic in Europe that’s why it has especially developed New Civic while keeping in view the needs and desires of European market and landscape of Europe. New Civic will feature 5-door and it will be having hatchback, with new Civic Honda will vie in the C-Segment. New Civic will be available in European showrooms  in the first half of 2012.

Advancement of New Honda Civic

This time Honda has adopted a unique philosophy to educate its lovers about the new Civic. Honda has planned to unveil a kind of short film which will show the details of its development from building up to revealing session. The first phase of this short film will be based on ride & handling and this section has been produced in Europe. The Japanese development team worked closely with European coworkers and outsider experts and evaluated the performance of existing new Civic. This approach and analysis helped the experts to enhance the ride quality of new Civic while maintaining the sport handling of present model.

As a matter of fact, roads in Europe are of varying nature and represent a blend of speedy highways and badly surfaced country tracks. At first, tests were conducted in Research and Development facilities of Japan, then the development team moved to Europe to finalize new Civic. Development Leader – Chassis Kazuo Sunaoshi said, “Every time we visited Europe during the development of the car, we achieved significant improvements in the ride and handling, tuning the car for the local demands. The new Civic is not just an evolution. In terms of ride quality, we have taken a major step forwards, equivalent to two generations of development.”

Unique Edge of New Honda Civic

The new Honda Civic maintains the biggest cabin space in the C-Segment by employing the compact torsion beam back suspension from the existing Civic. Additionally, to enhance the body control and stability while being at high speed, Honda has improved the wall thickness of torsion beam and as well as diameter of stabilizer bar. Apart from this, whole ride comfort and handling has been produced with the application of novel fluid filled compliance bushings to the back suspension system. Let’s this especially developed New Civic will compete successfully in C-Segment or it will just prove itself as the successor of current model.

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