Honda Marine Launches All-New Shift and Throttle System

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Honda Marine has revealed its plans about All-New Electronic Shift Throttle System which is going to unveil soon. All V6 Marine Outboard of Honda will be equipped with this new and improved technology.

All-New Shift and Throttle System

Shift and throttle system features a stylish control handle which is especially designed for meeting high end performance through this all new system. This system can be installed on following outboard engines on Honda;

  • BF200
  • BF225
  • BF250

National manager of Honda Marine Alan Simmons said, “The new Honda electric shift and throttle system further enhances our commitment to creating engine products that provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The introduction of this system allows our customers to enjoy an even better and more rewarding experience while using their Honda outboards.”

You don’t need to install extra or additional kit and components; single as well as multi-engine applications can easily put up all-new shift and throttle system.
Single Engine System Single engine systems will feature high-tech components for enhanced throttle control that will improve many processes which includes;

  • Docking
  • Fine Tuning
  • Trolling Speed
  • Multi-Station Applications

Multi-Engine Systems

Multi-Engine System will consists of following functions and features;

  • Engine Synchronization
  • Single Lever Control
  • Single Bottom Trim
  • Individual Trim Controls for setup of double engines


For installation, New Shift and Throttle System will be available at dealers of Honda Marine in early fall or late summers.

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