Honda Introduces FCV Concept: A Successor to the FCX Clarity

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Honda is planning to take a futuristic leap with new technologies and innovations that will change the automotive industry forever and therefore decided to unveil their latest FCV Concept vehicle. Honda mentioned that the new fuel cell vehicle is the latest that they have in offering and will allow them to think of futuristic cars and the new concept model will go on sale in March 2016. The car will be initially launched in Japan and thereafter in USA and Europe. Honda also announced their new Honda Power Exporter Concept which is a concept model for an external power feeding device that enables AC power output from the fuel cell vehicle with maximum output of 9 kW.

Honda has been quite firm on introducing the hydrogen based vehicles in the near future and it has been more than ten years ago that Honda introduced Honda FCX vehicle. The all new FCV is the successor model and comes with an improved performance and reduction in cost as well. The new FCV is 33% compact, but still packs in performance of more than 100 kW which means the performance has improved by nearly 60% compared to the earlier fuel cell vehicle model. It also has a new powertrain that offers five seat package and is equipped with 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank that can be refilled in three minutes.

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