Honda Announced Availability of New Model Bikes for 2012

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Good news for the riding enthusiastic! Honda has added five dashing models of bikes in 2012 line up. Press Manager of Powersports Bill Savino said, “This release for 2012 models continues Honda’s great selection of motorcycles and ATVs for the upcoming season.

This is a great time for riding enthusiasts to visit their local Honda dealership and see firsthand the many options they can choose from within the Honda lineup. We’re offering an incredibly wide variety of class-leading machines, which makes for a really fun buying experience.”

Following is the detail about the new addition in 2012 line up;

1. VFR 1200F


VFR 1200F launched entirely new generation of Honda V-4 heritage and other innovative features to provide high quality riding experience to users. VFR 1200F is based on the futuristic technology and Honda has specially integrated traction control and automatic dual clutch transmission in addition to improved low end torque, large fuel tank and modified seats which makes it more stylish and offer comfortable ride.

2. CB 1000R


CB 1000R is known as street fighter and Honda has used its classic formula in this bike and it is powered by fuel injected 4-cylinder 998cc powerplant. Distinctive identity is added by the single sided swingarm and single shock rear suspension. CBR 1000R will be available from March 2012.

3. Ruckus


Ruckus is a cool and fuel economical scooter which is powered by 49cc engine, it features V-matic automatic transmission and its electric start makes it easy to tackle. Honda has added unique styling feature in Ruckus which makes it appealing, Ruckus will be available from February 2012.

4. Silver Wing


Silver Wing is powered by liquid cooled fuel injected 4-stroke 582 double cylinder engine which is entirely based on automatic transmission. Those who love scooter will love it because of its daring looks; Silver Wing will be available from February 2012.

5. CBR 250R


CBR 250R offers an innovative riding experience because it is quite versatile, sporty and fuel economical as well. This wonderful bike is powered by fuel efficient 249cc liquid cooled single cylinder engine which features 4-valve DOHC cylinder, PGM-FI fuel injection and also available with the choice of ABS. CBR 250R will be available from February 2012.

Honda has expanded its lineup to offer more options to its fans, especially those bikers who love to experiment and experience thrill in life will be happy to see the wide variety of options in form of 2012 line up.

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