Go green when it comes to car insurance too

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Owning a green car, whether it is electric or hybrid, makes for a healthy on-road environment. The significant reduction in air pollution is fundamental to protecting the world from greenhouse gases.

Green vehicles are the way forward

As we are more than aware, green motoring is the future of on-road experience. But there is a small matter of price. Green cars mean a reduced dependency on oil and other air pollutants and carbon emissions. But because of the additional cost of lithium-ion batteries and other environment-saving features, they are often expensive.

Nevertheless, green cars will become more and more introduced as the supply and demand increases.

However, by tackling the initial hurdle of price for green cars, we can all look towards a future that not only saves the environment but saves money too.

Fight for greener roads and insurance

More Than car insurance quotes provide quotes that complement the principles of green car owners by saving on car insurance.  And there you have it – environment and savings taken care of.

The total cost of ownership for electric car owners may still remain unclear to some, but rest assured insurance quotes don’t have to be as confusing. Whilst a hybrid car can lower your carbon footprint, such vehicles cannot protect you against unforeseen accidents and further payments for repairs or damages should an accident occur.

Governments have begun to place more emphasis on controlling just how much each of us are contributing to pollution and have enforced policies such as the central London’s Congestion charge, established in 2013 to deter the use of vehicles which produce high emissions.

In addition, many have also introduced incentives such as plug-in grants to contribute to the cost of a new hybrid car at the same time policies are being put in place in order to push the fight for green.

Electric and hybrid cars are the future of motoring with pollution and prices the main catalysts for pointing out a need for change. Green cars and cheap insurance policies offers a safe and prudent way of driving, as recent trends in the motoring industry have illustrate the large shift from conventional motoring.

Green driving is the future – not only for the world, but for all of us!

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