Fritz Henderson Resigned as GM CEO

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General motors’ is really having very bad time from the past few years and this is the reason they are enforcing some consistent changes in their administration to change their business strategies and come out of their problems.

Fritz Henderson who has been the CEO of GM from the past 8 months has been removed from his position and Mr. Ed Whitacre is acting as chairman on the interim basis and the search for a new CEO is on its way and hopefully GM will get a new CEO very soon.

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According to company’s representatives they are trying very hard to rebound from the 2009’s sales collapse. Fritz according to them was working very well to bring GM back to its position but it was a combined decision of the board of directors that changes in management have to make for a better future of GM.

According to Preuss “After a discussion with the board and given where the company currently is, it was a decision by Fritz and the board that it’s best for him to resign,”. So it can be concluded that this resignation was a collaborative decision of board of directors and Fritz. Now we have to see if the new administration is built in the near future and if it succeeds in bringing GM back as the top motor companies of the world.

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