Formula 1: A Team Effort

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Formula1 is the highest class of auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Though it might seem that it is only about the driver upon whom the success or failure depends; there is a complete team that is involved in this phenomenon. Along with driver, there is team, chassis and engine that are involved in making winners and losers. Let us have a look at the whole team of Castrol-backed BMW WilliamsF1 Team.

1. The HQs of BMW WilliamsF1 Team is located at Oxford shire UK, where almost 500 employees are working. It comes to race with a mobile office having 100 employees out of which 70 are from Williams, 20 from BMW and the rest 10 are responsible for tasks like catering. It also brings one transporter, a truck for the technicians and a motorhome. In each Grand Prix, it brings three chassis and around 25 tons of material, including spare parts, tools, wheels and pit equipment.

2. The Castrol-lubricated BMW P84/85 engine weighs only 90 kg, but renders more than 900bhp and a peak engine speed of 19,200rpm. This engine keeps 10 liters of specially formulated Castrol synthetic oil. 5 liters are always in the crankcase and cylinders. Oil is changed every 15 seconds. Oil specimen is taken after the car returns to the pits for examining the condition of engine.

3. The chassis is miraculously lightweight, weighing only 35 kg. It took 250,000 man-hours to design and another 250,000 man-hours to construct the FW27 chassis. This car’s semi-automatic sequential gearbox features six forward gears.

4. To be an F1 driver is a matter of passion and commitment. In a Grand Prix, an F1 driver burns approximately 600 kilocalories and loses up to 2kg weight. As the cockpit temperature may rise to 50 degree centigrade, the driver is fed energy drink via a pipe.

So, it is not about the person sitting in the cockpit only, a team effort is involved in the whole F1 phenomenon.

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