Ford’s New 600HP GT Supercar is Jaw Dropping Awesomeness

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The Ford GT is one series that has always set the bar high for every car manufacturer. Keeping up with the top standards, Ford has unveiled the all-new 600HP GT at NAIAS 2015.

The carbon fiber body has been aerodynamically tailored to withstand down force and is reinforced with front and rear aluminum sub frames. It’s a speed demon designed for effortless handling behind the wheel. The official weight of the entire structure has been kept under wraps by Ford.

The new GT supercar will be powered by a mid-mounted next-gen twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine capable of producing incredible 600HP. Drivers will control the enormous amount of HP with the help of seven speed dual clutch transaxle. This Ford GT also has the distinction of boasting the most powerful EcoBoost Engine ever. Initially, the GT would come equipped with automatic transmission, and manual transmission might be introduced later on but that’s certain as of now.

Ford GT supercar

Reportedly, the car will go into production soon and deliveries will be made by the last quarter of the next year.

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