Ford Fusion for 2010

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The Ford Motor Company is going through product revitalization. In the latter half of 2008, the company has introduced an impressive future portfolio and has also released the revised Fusion that would hold its own in the present competitive market place. The Fusion was initially introduced in 2006 as a mere replacement to the ill-starred Contour “world-car”. The Fusion rides on the very impressive CD3 platform that was co-developed by Mazda. However, the sales were as close the Mercury Milan and the Lincoln MKZ.

2009 Ford Fusion

What does it have?

Ford is going to introduce a successfully upgraded, even though, not completely re-designed Ford for 2010. The product seems to be coming out in March and the users would hardly be able to make the difference between the Ford 1.5 and 2.0 versions. However, it contains a completely different A-pillar forward and the C-pillar back inside. The interiors as well as the under-hood are completely dissimilar and hence it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that the Fusion 2010 shares only the basic structure and the door shells with its previous models of 2006 and 2009. The Fusion comes in five different models such as the Base S, Premium SEL, Volume SE, and the Hybrid along with the Sport. It is clear that Ford intends to compete with the most heated division of the market with its Fusion 2010.


The Breakthroughs

The Fusion comes along with a huge variety of power plants in its class and all of them are actually mated to six speed transmissions. It’s the world of simplicity these days and hence Ford has targeted the Fusion for a majority of the families across the world. The three of the models of the Ford range from the 175 horse to 2.5 liter cylinder that is mated to either an automatic or a manual transmission. Ford has also come up with the all-wheel drive with the best-in-class V6 engine. Such an engine sports the unique features that are bound to gain a number of the best market shares in the wintery climates.


Fusion certainly stands out incredibly in the crowd and hence the vehicle is surely going to help pull the Ford out of the melancholy and put it back into the market. However it is huge challenge when it comes to competing with the Camry and the Accord. Ford Fusion presents an amazing blend of comfort as well as sport and hence it comes out in its own unique style.

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