Ford Drivers the politest on the Road

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Ford vehicle owners are the most polite on the road according to a recent study, with white van drivers living up to their reputation for being the rudest.

This is according to, who has surveyed 2,500 motorists to find out their general driving behaviours and whether or not they adhere to the rules of the road.

Despite having a generally poor attitude to cyclists, Audi drivers still managed to sneak into 2nd place on the polite driver rankings.

Politest drivers

Ford drivers really stood out when it came to courtesy towards other road users, pedestrians and cyclists, being one of the most likely to let people out at junctions, one of the most likely to stop for people at zebra crossings and also one of the most likely to make sure that they leave sufficient room for cyclists.

Despite being voted to be the most polite drivers overall, Ford drivers did not top every poll; they were simply consistently high on all the rankings. 4th place Vauxhall drivers meanwhile did top a number of polls; being the most likely to park considerably and leave space for passing cyclists.

Despite only finishing 10th on the list of most polite drivers, Skoda drivers turned out to be the most likely to stop at a zebra crossing, the least likely to cut up other drivers and also the most least likely to suffer from road rage.

Rudest drivers

White van drivers did however top a number of polls on their way to being voted the rudest on the road; consistently turning out to be the least considerate towards other motorists. None of the white van drivers surveyed claimed that they regularly let other drivers out at junctions, and 75% of those surveyed claimed that they rarely left enough room for passing cyclists. They were also the least likely to indicate at junctions or roundabouts.

However, in their defence they did not top every poll. Despite ranking 2nd for driving courtesy, Audi drivers turned out to be the least likely to stop for pedestrians at a zebra crossing and the most likely to park across two spaces without consideration for other drivers. However, it was Mercedes drivers who turned out to be the least competent drivers; claiming that they often parked across two spaces because they were not confident in their own abilities. White van drivers actually turned out to be the most considerate parkers, despite their generally poor reputation and the size of the vehicles they command.

Jaguar owners also featured prominently on the rudest drivers survey being the most likely to cut up other motorists and follow them too closely.  It should therefore come as no surprise that they are statistically the most likely to suffer from road rage; with 40% of those surveyed claiming that they regularly employ hand gestures against other drivers.

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