Ferrari to Implement New Technologies for CO2 Reduction

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The Italian supercar manufacturer, Ferrari is all set to bring major improvements in the powertrains of its super cars. For this purpose, the engineers at Maranello are considering the prospects of turbocharge and hybrid technologies to reduce CO2 emission.

Turbocharged Engines

Earlier this year, Ferrari introduced California T powered by the automakers first ever turbocharged V8 engine. The displacement of the V8 engine is reduced from 4.3 liters to 3.9 liters. This has led to encouraging results with CO2 emission reduced up to 16 percent. Despite of lower displacement, the engine power of Ferrari California T is increased by almost 70 horsepower.

Ferrari is aiming to reduce emission by 20 percent from its turbocharged V8 engine by the end of 2021 (approx. 3 percent each year), said by Ferrari Powetrain Director, Vittorio Dini. After California T, it is anticipated that other Ferrari models will also receive the new turbocharged V8 engines very soon.

Hybrid Powertrain

Although the turbocharged technology has proved really helpful in improving performance and reducing CO2 emission of V8 engines, it might not be the appropriate solution for the more powerful V12 engines. To address this, the company may couple this engine with an electric motor. This hybrid solution can be seen in Ferrari’s latest berlinetta, LaFerrari.


LaFerrari uses a 6.3 litre V12 engine, which is coupled with an electric motor. This hybrid powertrain collectively delivers 963 horsepower and over 900 Nm torque, while the battery is charged by excessive torque and under braking. Although the carbon emissions are reduced by almost 40 percent from its predecessor, Enzo Ferrari, they still remain high with 330g/km.

Ferrari CO2 Emission Trends

The average CO2 of Ferrari vehicles is stated as 270 grams per kilometer. Ferrari along with other supercar manufacturers has been derogated by the European environment protection agency for high carbon emissions. So, these manufacturers are now evaluating alternative engine technologies that could be more environment-friendly.

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