FAA-Conforming HondaJet Achieves Utmost Operating Elevation of 43,000 Ft

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Advanced light business jet of Honda attained an utmost speed of 425KTAS (489 mph) during flight testing at the company’s Greensboro, North Carolina, world headquarters facility. Soon after, at the yearly European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Honda Aircraft Company, Inc. announced that it has fruitfully accomplished extra milestone flight tests with FAA-conforming Honda Jet which includes the accomplishment of an utmost operating elevation of 43,000 ft.

The Aircraft also attained a rise rate 3,990 ft/min which confirms another vital performance constraint for the delivery aircraft. Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft Company President & CEO said, “We are very encouraged by the achievement of these important performance milestones at this early phase of the HondaJet flight test program, our flight test data indicate that the aircraft is performing as expected, and our team continues to work hard to realize additional performance milestones as we move forward.”

First Conforming Aircraft

In order to supplement the certification efforts of Honda, added conforming aircraft will join the very first FAA-conforming HondaJet F1.

Second Conforming Aircraft

A second conforming aircraft ST1 previously has been accomplished and passed through widespread structural testing in diverse load states to guarantee compliance with all guarantee prerequisites.

Third Conforming Aircraft

Power-On testing has been accomplished effectively on a third conforming aircraft F2 that will be utilized for flight testing.  Honda is approaching towards the end of function testing on this aircraft that is expected to take flight in this summer.

Fourth Conforming Aircraft

Fourth conforming aircraft F3 which will be used for additional flight testing has passed through the main assemblies’ consolidation stage. Now it is in the initial phases of systems mechanism.

Fifth Conforming Aircraft

Fifth conforming aircraft (ST2) is deliberate to be got done in the beginning months of 2012 in order to maintain extra stress and broad fatigue testing. Synchronized with the assemblage of conforming aircraft, Honda continues conducting several constituent prerequisite tests for all aircraft system to maintain the certification program.

Sixth Conforming Aircraft

Fujino said, “In order to maximize the effectiveness of our flight test program and to support an accelerated certification process, we will add a sixth conforming aircraft (F4) to our certification fleet. This test aircraft will take flight in spring 2012 and will support cabin systems testing, as well as functions and reliability testing.  With a total of six aircraft planned to support the certification process, we believe we will have optimal resources to meet both our flight test program needs and our certification schedule.”

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