Diesels Vs Hybrid: A Clear Comparison

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Diesel vs. Hybrid

The Eco friendly cars, this is something that should be better called as the fever of automobile developers, every company is rushing towards the development of the eco-friendly hybrid cars. So what actually it is that is making everyone crazy? Is the hybrid technology so efficient that it can kill all the previous ones? These are some of those questions which are emerging in the minds of all those people who are wondering why the world is getting crazy for this expensive new technology.

If we take the responsibility to keep our environment free of pollution then there is no other option than going for an expensive hybrid model but if we want fuel efficiency along with amazing mileage and less cost than the diesels model would be our priority, so which one is the best? Here I am going to perform a clear comparison of both these auto technologies of the auto world and we may not be able to find the complete winner but at least the buyers will surely find out which one will suit their requirements.

Photo by FerryDude2010

Photo by FerryDude2010


This is the chief concern of anyone who is going to buy a car; the mileage war between both of these categories of cars has been very high but the hybrid models are a bit higher than the diesel models. The MPG rating of the civic hybrid have been reported to be 13% better than the Diesel models when considered for the highway driving. The City driving is also better on the side of electric models and it is estimated to be about 38% higher than the diesel models.

The electric cars have won over the Diesels in terms of mpg but this is not a complete win for the hybrid, though fuel economy is the city driving is quite well but we have to see some other issues as well. This thing is very unfortunate that most of the electric models are not giving that mileage as is given on the sticker of the car and this is a major source of disappointment for the electric cars owner and this thing can bring these cars a bit down from the diesel models.

Fuel efficiency:

The Fuel efficiency of Diesel models have been found to be quite much better than the gasoline engines, the money saving capability of diesels is winning over the gasoline models. Basically a diesel engine works by using the compression alone to explode the fuel instead of igniting the fuel alone with a spark plug. The way in which a diesel engine uses the fuel is very efficient for the fuel economy and the power is also not at all affected in fact is increased from the other engines.

The Hybrid models basically works with a gasoline engine that works in coordination with an electric motor and that motor needs to be charged and a limitation is that it can’t cover quite much mileage as the diesel models can cover. The Hybrid models use less fuel than a petrol car but it takes a very expensive and complicated computer system to work it all.  So in terms of fuel efficiency we can say that the diesel engines have won over the hybrid models.

Environment Friendly:

This is a very clear distinction factor between these two forms of auto models, the main reason for the fame of hybrid models is their environmental friendly capabilities. And the diesel engine are still called the dirty fuel engines as they bring out quite a great volume of carbon dioxide into the environment that destroys all the goodness in the environment.
Nowadays many technologies have been developed that can help the clear emulsions from the diesel engines but it can’t become that much efficient as the hybrid models.


In this article I have tried to compare both of the hottest technologies present in the auto markets nowadays, the winner is not yet very distinct, the Hybrid cars gets a bit hold over the diesel because of being new and highly advance one but due to its expensive price it falls behind the diesel.

We can’t blame the diesel engines for the environmental issue because the latest diesel engines are really coming with the great environmental friendly capabilities and they also provide good performance features but the hybrid industry is also not letting the war away from its hands. Sp the winner is still quite much confusing and the competition is still on its peak.

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