Corvette GT2 gets ZR1 Body

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from bespoke Corvette huge body that was featured in GT1 to a ZR1 stock-looking body when it will move to GT2 ALMS class. Some pics of the Corvette C6.R GT2 have emerged at that seems to challenge the current Ferraris and many other front-runners. It also gives a fight call to some other as well including M3s, Ford GT, Porches and Panozes.There were some reports and rumors about Chevrolet as it was being shifted


The pics show that there is no more hood window, but it looks quite similar to the ZR1 with some minor tweaks. You can notice a revised grille in front, a new underneath diffuers and again a large spoiler, but aside from that it has great resemblance to the stock unit. If it goes with the hood window, you would find 6.0-liter LS7 that to be replaced with a 5.5-liter LS3 for 2010 during next year 500-hp.

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