Chrysler Recalling 24,177 Vehicles on the Brake issues

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It has been reported this week that one of the most famous auto making company of the world Chrysler is going to recall a huge number of its vehicles on the issues of malfunctioning of brakes that might be caused by some potential defects in the brake system. This thing comes up to the world when the automaker itself said about this thing while filing with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The officials also took the name of the most famous cars for which this recall will be applied and they were 2010 model of the year award winner Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger and Nitro and jeep Liberty.

Photo by abrunete

Photo by abrunete

While discussing some more about this matter the Chrysler said that Clip retention in some of the vehicles was not improperly formed or not installed on the brake pedal pin during the manufacturing process but now the company was assuring that that problem is going to be solved for all those car models. The tools that were missing in those cars can result in brake failure without even warning and can result in some very drastic car crash and Chrysler said that the recall will be made in this month of January and will make those models safe for driving.

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