Chrysler Group to Work on Patent-Pending Technology for CNG Development

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Automakers today are exploring different fields of technology and science that can allow them to introduce better features in their vehicles. Now, Chrysler Group has decided to take some inspiration from human body and that is helping them to design next generation fuel tanks that can power compress natural gas vehicles in the future. Chrysler Group revealed that human body still remains a mystery for science as there are many things unexplained but they are taking inspiration from human lungs that have countless individual sacks called alveoli that combine together to expand lung’s total air capacity. Now, Chrysler is using similar technology to improve the packaging of their CNG tanks in the future.

Chrysler also revealed that current fuel tanks in the CNG vehicles are limited to cylindrical shapes to accommodate the pressure at which the gaseous fuel is stored. With the use of this next generation patented technology they will be able to address issues like expanding tank capacity and enabling designs that conform to the vehicle. Chrysler Group also said that they believe that there is a market for CNG vehicles and that The Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas truck is the industry’s only factory-built CNG powered pickup. The current Ram 2500 features 5.7 liter HEMI V8 engine that burns CNG and seamlessly switches to gasoline when CNG depletes.

The Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas truck

While sharing the information, Chrysler Group said that CNG vehicles need larger fuel tanks that can deliver the range that normal gasoline fuel tanks deliver and therefore they need better fuel tanks that can increase the capacity of the CNG. The new project will be supported by $50,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Council’s Technology Innovation Challenge. Chrysler also said that they believe that if they are able to add more CNG capacity to the regular fuel tank size it will help them to offer more fuel efficient cars in the future.

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