Chevrolet Released 28 Ways of Camaro Z/28 Which Would Rule the Road Course

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The charismatic Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is originally designed for road racing. This is an incredibly powerful, lightweight and a beautiful car. Chevrolet itself has released 28 features which would be discussed without further delay.

1. Rear spoiler with “wickerbill” – the purpose of the spoiler modified with the wickerbill will improve the rear lift performance.

2. Unique front fascia – Camaro Z/28’s fascia is as Camaro SS however the air dam, fog lamps and the upper-base grille have been replaced with covers in order to reduce weight.

3. Front splitter – it can withhold up to 250 pounds (113kg) of down force at its tip. It also enhances the aero characteristics.

4. Hood Extractor – finished with carbon fiber, the purpose of the hood is to cool down the engine by providing exit route to the hot air.

5. Rocker moldings and wheel flair moldings – assists in increased down force of the car.

6. Front wheelhouse liners – assist the auto underbody to make most of the airflow.

7. Belly pan – reduces the uplift from the front and helps in cooling.

8. Thinner rear window glass – thickness of the rear window glass have been reduced from 3.55mm to 3.2mm.

9. Lightweight rear seat – the reduced seat foam of about 4.7 kg less resulted in a lightweight and a fixed seatback design.

10. Light weight wheels and tires

11. Carbon ceramic brake rotors

12. No air conditioning

13. LS7 engine with dry-sump oiling

14. Air intake system

15. Track capable fuel system

16. Active dual-mode exhaust system and high-flow converter assembly

17. TREMEC TR6060 six speed manual transmission

18. 5.1-ratio short-throw shifter

19. Strut tower brace

20. Zero-preload limited-slip differential

21. Differential cooler

22. Uprated lower control arm ride link “travel limiter” bushing

23. Uprated rear upper control arm bushing and lower trailing bushings

24. Higher-rate coil springs and smaller-diameter stabilizer bars

25. DSSV damper technology

26. Performance Traction Management

27. 19-inch wheels and Pirelli PZero Trofeo R tires

28. Brembo carbon ceramic brakes

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