Chevrolet Planning a Van for the International Markets

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Chevrolet one of the most excited brand of GM has always being famous for its models of cars but now it is planning to go for a change, the GM Vice Chairman Tom Stephens has showed this Tuesday that Chevrolet is planning to bring a family van very soon for several global regions.

Stephen further said that GM will base that van on its global compact-car architecture, a picture of that van was also shown to the company’s officials but that was not brought available for media people.


Some other concepts that the Chevrolet is expected to be working in future includes: the compact SUV design for the South American region and the Chevy small car concept but more details of the markets for those cars was not provided.

The conference calls took a whole day long time and in that the company’s various plans for future and the new and different one is surely that of this new van that will come soon to various parts of the world. From the arrival of this van, the status of Chevrolet will shift from small car’s developer to the developers of major SUVs and family vans.

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