15 Amazing Facts About Electric Cars

March 14, 2011 / by / 0 Comment

Electric Cars People who are interested to buy electric cars should know some basic facts. Hopefully the following information will help a lot in buying decision as well as the general operation of electric cars. 1. Kinds of Electric cars Electric cars are of two types, All-Electric and Plug-in hybrid. All-electric cars are the vehicles that runs on the chemical energy stored in rechargeable batteries. People, who are looking for all-electric cars, consider Nissan Leaf. It is eco-friendly as well as energy-efficient. On the other side, Plug-in hybrid is a hybrid vehicle that contains rechargeable batteries that can be charged by plugging it into external electric power source. Ford Escape is a Plug-in hybrid. 2. Ways to charge Electric cars House hold outlet: Electric cars have a cable that is used to charge these vehicles from household outlet. Such charging lasts only for 5 miles and people need to charge it again at least after an hour. Pedestal-Mounted equipment: Pedestal mounted equipment is also use to charge the electric cars and it is better than the previous one, because with people can travel up-to 15-30 miles. DC swift charging: In this method of charging, a gas pump type station is […]