Cars Worth Waiting until 2019 For

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If you are planning to own your dream car, then wait a while and dig more into your research, so that you can own your perfect car for you.  We can help you with your homework, so let’s have a look at the list of cars that are worth to be waiting until 2019

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Months of speculation has lead Rolls-Royce to make a final decision; the manufacturer has finally confirmed that its forthcoming SUV will use the Cullinan name on its launch later this year. “The manufacturer’s SUV will take its name from the Cullinan diamond – a 3106-carat jewel unearthed in South Africa that is otherwise known as the largest flawless diamond ever to be discovered. Rolls-Royce and nearly all proud motor enthusiasts predict that given the 2019 SUV will take the name of the unearthed jewel, the Cullinan will represent all that is opulent and characterful throughout both its interior features and outer-build” Christopher Hewett of Affordable Cars. “Note to all who have the extra cash in your pocket, brace yourself for this one!”

Ford Ranger

Regardless of what style, structure or size you opt for with Ford, you’ll always find a motor at a reasonable price – one that you might not find with many other car makers – to make it worthwhile. As if vehicle safety couldn’t be taken to further extremes, Ford’s upcoming Ranger will be fitted with countless advanced and modern safety features to ensure all passengers are completely safe and comfortable throughout the drive. Ford has confirmed that the 2019 Ranger will be a more maneuverable pickup that will prove beyond capable of catering to all motorists’ requirements.

Mercedes EQC

Mercedes’ EQC will feature touchscreen gadgets and controls throughout, that will completely replace the conventional buttons and controls seen in both its predecessors and rivals. The conventional infotainment screens and analogue dials are set to be replaced by a huge widescreen display – while there is plenty of ambient LED lights to illuminate the car’s air vents and door handles. Mercedes will have jumped ahead of the game, replacing most standard features with plush materials, comfortable seating and lots of head and legroom. The manufacturer aims to encourage enthusiasts to think of the EQC SUV as a more opulent alternative to the likes of the forthcoming Jaguar I-Pace.

The Mercedes EQC Will be sold with a 310-mile range and will accelerate from 0-62mph in just short of five seconds – again, for any large motor that is remarkable. The SUV will prove beyond capable of delivering frequent bursts of acceleration as well as cruising along in complete silence at slower speeds – making it more relaxing to drive through town, yet fun to blast along an empty country road at your own leisure.

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