3 Reasons Your Car Is Going To Break Down

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Your car is going to break down one day. It might be decades from now, or it might be on your way home tonight – although, of course, we hope not! But there are some simple things you can put in place to extend your car’s life and prevent needless breakdowns. It doesn’t take a lot to introduce a new way of thinking, and doing so will help you get the most from your vehicle. Here are some easy to follow tips for those of you who always seem to be getting picked up on a roadside by the very nice man from the AA.

You don’t make checks before buying

Reducing the risk of your car breaking down starts before you have even bought it. Check in with the EURO NCAP website to verify the safety records of any car you are considering. Also, make sure whoever you purchase the vehicle from is legitimate. Look for a reputable dealer that offers warranties, is happy to answer questions and is easily contactable. Longevity is also a factor. A car dealer such as www.harratts.co.uk has been around for many years, and dealers simply won’t stay in business for that long if they offer poor service.

You don’t do maintenance

Because cars are such complicated machines, there are many things that can go wrong. And, over time, they can get worse. Dirty air filters, high levels of heat and humidity, and blockages can all cause serious problems to your engine. And, unfortunately, it can be impossible to tell beforehand. Even if something is obviously rattling or making a strange noise, you may not hear it over the sound of the engine until it reaches a critical stage. Make sure that you are getting regular maintenance done on your car so that any potential problems can be identified, and also to enable your parts to be tested and cleaned. A yearly MOT is a legal requirement, but other maintenance should be looked into as well. Unfortunately, you just can’t rely on your MOT to keep your car roadworthy.

You don’t look after your battery

Flat batteries are the most common cause of car breakdown in the country. And that’s based purely on call outs – it doesn’t take into account the number of times a passer-by will help you out. The obvious reason is that you leave your lights on while out of the car for extended periods, but there are many other things that can happen. For example, any time you don’t close your door or boot properly, you interior light could stay on. Corrosion dirt can build up on the battery terminals can also cause you problems. Finally, make sure you use a car battery charger to give it a boost on those occasions when you aren’t using it for extended periods, such as holidays.

As you can see, these ideas are very simple. There are so many breakdowns that occur, purely because people don’t take the time to look after their cars. It isn’t hard, so make sure you have a plan in place and you will have a much happier experience on the roads.

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