Buick Celebrates 11 Decades of Car Manufacturing

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1366206380212There are some car makers that have been into automobile industry for more than few decades and they have survived the market competition mainly because they have introduced better cars and excellent automobile technologies that have impressed car buyers and car enthusiasts around the world. Buick brand by General Motors celebrates its 110th anniversary this year and the company has been making better cars for more than 11 decades which symbolizes the kind of dedication and hard work that goes behind the development of better vehicles.

Buick today manages to be among the oldest car brands in the world and also has worldwide recognition. Some of the first cars that Buick launched were in 1903 when the vehicles were handmade and offered better performance compared to other cars in the same era. Today, things have changed and Buick has come up with better car technologies that change the way people drive. Buick has always focused on better quality and superior performance and therefore Buick have also introduced cars with better engines that can perform without consuming too much of fuel.

In 1938 Buick came up with Y-Job that became the first ever concept car that also includes the same waterfall grille that is still used today in modern Buick vehicles. The company was the first to introduce some futuristic options and features like power windows that most automakers still use today.

However, Buick masters in bringing up some of the best powertrains that the automobile industry has seen. Buick has always focused on better auto engineering launching better superior engines that work in real time on tough road conditions. Today, the demand for Buick is as good as it was in the past with 180,400 Buick vehicles sold in the year 2012. The sales are already up by 27.5% and that alone indicates the growing popularity of Buick vehicles over so many decades.

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