Bridgestone’s New Brand Campaign

January 11, 2012 / by / 2 Comments

Companies today are always looking to make better products for their consumers and therefore they strive for excellence. Today, many companies look forward to promote their products that can help them to bring their consumers together and market their products at the same time. Bridgestone has been making some of the best products for car lovers and people who would love to get the best technologies for their cars. Now, Bridgestone is looking forward to come up with better campaigns that can help people to get closer to the company and know more about their products.

Recently, Bridgestone Americas launches new performance focused brand campaign known as Performance Moments that would allow engineers to develop better products and technologies that can help drivers all over the globe to improve the performance of their cars when required. The company has decided to name this brand new campaign as Time to Perform and it will be a good campaign where engineers have the liberty to imagine different technologies that can help people and consumers all over the globe to get better tires for their cars. Hence, this brand campaign would not only involve Bridgestone but also include various top professionals and experts that will help the company to develop better technologies.

The company has also made announcements for the new Super Bowl ads for Bridgestone Americas brand campaign that will debut during Super Bowl XLVI and which will be aired on NBC on Sunday, February 5, 2012. Bridgestone would like to improve their Potenza lineup and therefore they need better technologies that developers can come forward with. Currently, Bridgestone has some really good products under their belt like Ecopia that can improve the fuel efficiency and rolling resistance and Blizzak that is well known for breakthrough performance on the snow.

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  1. Chester

    I m sure bridgestone will definitely come up with the best products that money can buy and that people can imagine about because they have been doing that for so long.

    Jan.27.2012 at 12:40 am
  2. Gilda

    Good brand campaign by bridgestone for the thing that they need most and that is the latest tire technology that can help them.

    Jan.27.2012 at 12:41 am
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