Breaking the Record for the World’s Fastest Car

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Cars going up to 60 miles per hour isn’t enough. A group of engineers from a British project named Bloodhound, are working on a car that can top not only the current record holding speed of 763 miles per hour on their previous Thrust SSC project,but also reach the maximum speed of 1000 miles per hour.

UK team led by Richard Noble setting their eyes on their goal, had only one problem: how to keep the wheels from burning out.

Due to the tremendous power of Bloodhound with its specifications that generate 135,000 thrust power. It’s no wonder that such a powerful car will need four wheels that can withstand its power, leading to engineering the production of its aluminum alloy disc wheels mixed with small amounts of zinc.

World's Fastest Car

The wheels are 90cm discs that can spin at 170 revolutions per second that can create 50,000 times the pull of gravity at its rims when at peak speed. They are also designed to sustain projectiles from being picked up by the front wheels. Also, Bloodhound reports say that there is a point wherein Bloodhound will speed faster than the wheels can revolve and when that happens, their engineers can guarantee that the car will slide.

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