BPG Motors Introduce Uno III at CES 2011

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CES 2011 has proved to be a great event in automobile area. Some very nice electric vehicles have made their debut on the occasion, and Uno is one of those. BPG Motors have already manufactured Uno I and II, and now they have come up with a new design at CES 2011 which they have named Uno III. It is a rather weird looking vehicle, but has purpose behind the odd designing.

Uno III has three wheels; two at the rear situated side by side, and another in the front that hides between the other two when needed. There are two modes in which Uno III travels; a motorbike mode and the Uno mode. When moving like a motorbike, the Uno III balances on three wheels, one on the front and two on the rear. While being in the Uno mode, the front wheel pulls itself back into the rear wheels and stays there, hidden!

Faster travelling will be done through the bike mode, whereas the Uno mode helps moving in slower pace and tight places. Also, the compact size will help the owner park it in areas having little space. The speed limit for Uno III is 35 miles per hour whereas the range has been set at 30 miles.

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