Boy Racer Culture And The Effect On Accidents And Insurance

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If you want to be a ‘boy racer’, one of the things you need to consider, and that sadly goes ignored by large numbers of wannabe boy racers in the UK, is what effect is it going to have on my car insurance premium? For many boy racers, all that matters is souping up their car’s insides as far as it can take, then strapping on as much customised body kit as the chassis can bear, without giving any thought to how this will look to potential car insurance providers.

While this might seem simply a source of amusement to the onlooker, it becomes a lot more serious if you get involved in an accident with one who does not have the necessary insurance cover, particularly as by souping-up their car to go faster, the accidents they do get involved in are usually a lot more serious.

According to the analysis and comparison website How Important Is Your Finance, they estimate that the majority of boy racers are driving with invalid car insurance policies, having obtained the initial car insurance policy on the basis of their unmodified vehicle, and only making subsequent modifications once they had the policy in place. If you do fancy the ‘boy racer’ label, it is essential that you provide honest, accurate information to your potential car insurance provider on the vehicle you will be driving, as failure to do so is in fact a criminal offence and might leave you in need of legal help from an Eddie Stobart barrister.

What you will probably find, if you present them with a souped-up engine and a lot of expensive body customisations, they are extremely unwilling to provide you with car insurance, at least not without a prohibitive premium. While this might be restrictive to your ‘boy racer’ ambitions, bear in the mind the reality – that you are by some distance the type of person most likely to be involved in an accident, to kill you and your car’s occupants, and to be the driver to blame.

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