BMW Teams Up With Bath University for Eco Friendly Cars

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Environment factor is keeping every think tank of the world busy these days. From factories to vehicles and our home chimneys; everything is adding to the contamination of environment. This is why some serious vehicle manufacturers are concerned about making eco friendly rides. BMW has planned to create eco friendly cars in collaborate with UK’s Bath University.

These environment friendly vehicles will be two wheeled, three wheeled and four wheeled. They are designed for travel intra-city. This means that they are not being manufactured for long distance travels, but for traveling inside one’s town e.g. going to marketplace, office and city’s amusement park or museum.

The inspiration behind the four wheeled car is the Isetta, so this new micro car will be a rebirth to Isetta after 50 years. This is ideal for running on the jam pack city roads, as it is really tiny. On the other hand, norms have been altered a little bit for this car as it will have a rear engine as well as it will be rear wheel drive. Inside the car, there will be capacity for 3 adults, and a seat can be adjusted behind the driver, occasionally, too.

The small capacity petrol and diesel engines are anticipated to emit less than 90g/km of CO2. But these engines are not the only option; another option is also under consideration which is none other than an electric version. Expect to see this eco friendly car in the show rooms in 2011.

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