BMW M Performance Power Kit Now Avaliable For 2012 And Later BMW 335I Sedan

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4805794068_8a79f6e121_nAt the 2013 New York Auto Show, the BMW’s M division announced a new M performance Power kit for the current 2012 and later BMW 335i Sedan and 335i xDrive Sedan. The new M Power Performance Kit will offer a engine tuning for the 2012 performance engines and for the later 335i and 335i xDrive sedans for those who want to have more power and performance. The starting price of this performance power kit is $1100 without installation. After installation the power kit will increase the performance of a 3.0 liter inline six cylinder engine from 300 horsepower to 320 horsepower and torque will get increased from 300 to 317 lb ft for manual transmission and 332 lb ft for automatic transmission box. The increase will not only make it power efficient that will drop the acceleration by 0.2 seconds.

Additional to the power and performance boost, the buyer of the new BMW M Performance power kit will get configuration of a re-mapped accelerator pedal that will increase the response of throttle. The kit includes a new ECU, advanced software upgrades, increased capacity engine air intake system, BMW’s signature M performance engine cover, M performance stickers for the side sills, M performance plaque for the engine compartment, M performance intake silencer and of course the rocker panel decals. The power kit retained legal emission certificate of 50 states and fuel efficiency. The power kit has an improved acceleration at is dropped 0.2 seconds for 0-100kmph and is dropped by 0.3 seconds for 80-120kmph. With this superior quality and marvelous performing kit, you can now enjoy a pleasure of a smooth, fast and refreshing ride.

There is no need to worry about the durability of the BMW M performance power kit because it does not have any effect on the warranty of a new vehicle. If you purchase a new vehicle with the BMW M performance power kit as standard will have the same limited manufacturer 4 years/ 50,000 mile warranty whereas for those who update their cars with this fabulous power kit will get 2 years/ unlimited miles warranty. There is no need to think twice before getting this superb and high performance power kit as it is able to give you all those things for which the manufacturer of the power kit claimed. $1,100 is not a big bump for getting a fuel efficient and sporty engine performance.

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