BMW Back to the Club Racing

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BMW M3 Coupe

The M division of BMW is now backing in the business of making specialized cars for street racing. They are now bringing a new light weight version of M3The GTS” which is expected to be launched in the start of 2010. BMW’s M division is offering the new car with a homologation package that will allow customers to register the M3 GTS for street use.

 sPhoto by Denniske

This new model is engineered in a new way by giving it a carbon-fiber roof and much of the soundproofing material within the body is removed to cut weight. The new car is claimed to weigh no more than 3,307 pounds–about 342 pounds less than its standard sibling.

Other changes include a larger carbon-fiber intake manifold, reworked throttle-body butterflies, a stiffer crankcase and revisions to the sump to provide more reliable oil scavenging at high cornering speeds. Changes to the brakes see the single-piston floating caliper units used on the standard M3 replaced by new fixed calipers with six pistons up front and four pistons at the rear.

So this can be easily said that this new model will be an ideal racing car and it will rock the roads by its new speed and features. All the racing cars lovers are waiting for the launch of this new disastrous car.

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