Benz Introduces 9 G-Tronic Engines

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engineA 9 transmission diesel engine with a fuel economy of 36.75 mpg in the city cycle might sound to some too good to be true, but the wizards of automobile industry, Mercedes Benz recently unveiled their 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission engine for the 2014 E350 BlueTec Sedan and Estate.

The engine is basically an improvement of 7G-Tronic, introduced in the previous models, but it has a way better efficiency, consumption and is lighter in weight. With the torque of up to 737 pound-feet the engine actually occupies much less installation space as compared to its previous model.

Benz ensured that the engine doesn’t undermine the boost, and it does an amazing 0-62 mph acceleration in less than 7 seconds. The engine will be initially available for the European clients and is compatible with all drive systems including the hybrids.

9G can also be installed in any four-wheel and rear wheel vehicles. The manufacturer ensures that it will be a traditional crisp ride of Benz. It comes with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Benz, today stand tall amongst the clean environment initiative forerunners, and the latest from the line is amazingly eco friendly. The HP V6 diesel has reduced the carbon emission to 144 g/km for the Estate and 138 g/km for the Sedan. Moreover, E350 produces 248 horsepower, which means while running at 75 mph the 9G will produce an rpm of 1,350.

This phenomenon is the impetus behind unprecedented mileage; the engine reduces the revs and that in return help to conserve fuel and carbon emission. The external noise has also been suppressed by reducing the overall speed of the engine. This makes the inner cabin’s environment more serene.

The engine runs at the top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) and ensures comfort, smoothness and consumption without undermining the efficiency.

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