Audi Showed Up Name for Its Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles

The competition of the electronic vehicles is getting hotter day by day and one of the strongest contenders Audi is showing their plans for some remarkably new electric vehicles and now the company has showed that they will use the E-tron designation for all their electric vehicles. Just like now days some of the models carry ‘quattro’ designation, the electric vehicles will be carrying the ‘E-tron’.  The company has also announced that they are initially planning to bring the 100 units of E-tron electric sports car at their factory in Ingolstadt, Germany and these units will hit the markets by 2012.

Photo by Thomas Becker

Photo by Thomas Becker

The latest models which are going to be announced by the company are A1, A7 and the A8 and the company is intended to sell more than a million vehicles and about 1.3 million vehicles are planned for 2012. It is not yet confirms that the company will carry all its development in Ingolstadt as it is also expected that due to some reasons the company will take it developments on some other factory as well. Whatever the production house will be, it is really exciting that the company’s plans for the future electric cars is really great and it’ll prove be profit gaining for the company.

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