Audi Q5 Hybrid to Come Out Next Year

February 04, 2009 / by / 1 Comment

Audi has come up with a hybrid version of its very popular Q5 premium SUV in the United States that is about to hit the market in the year 2010 according to the reports presented by Wolfgang Hatz, the leader of the powertrain development unit in the Volkswagen group. The company further states that if the Audi emerges successful in United States, it would be launched in Europe as well.

At a specific interview in the auto show organised last month, the officials from the company confirmed that Audi is required to come up with a hybrid version so that it can compete better with the rivals in the market that offer the same kind of technology, Lexus RX 400h for an instance. Along with, the BMW X6 would also be offered as a hybrid by the end of 2009 and Mercedes is also planning to introduce a hybrid starting with the model S400.


However, there is also a belief amongst the company professionals that the greatest potential lays in the diesel models. If we happen to compare the price that you have to spend for a hybrid as against to the price you pay for the diesel models, the latter comes out to be pretty cost-effective. The cost to create a hybrid powertrain is at least three times greater than the standard drivetrain. However, at the moment, Audi is spending a lot of time on the most basic technology that is going to be involved in the car.

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