Aston Martin’s Centenary Year

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Aston Martin celebrates its centenary year in 2013, having first been officially incorporated by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford on January 15th, 1913. A series of celebrations have been planned by the company which include displaying a 1921 A3 prototype Aston Martin alongside the very latest Aston Martin car – the Vanquish – in Chelsea, London.

The World’s Most Iconic Cars

Despite Aston Martin’s exalted history, the brand really only passed into popular imagination when they became the car of choice for Britain’s hottest secret agent export – James Bond. And Aston Martin cars have since become a favourite export in their own right, as the company now exports up to 75% of its annual production.

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To mark Aston Martin’s global recognition and popularity, a year-long series of events and commemorations are set to take place throughout Europe, Asia, The Middle East and The United States. Centenary week itself will take place from the 15th to the 21st of July, and there will be opportunities for guests to enjoy Aston Martin driving experiences, hospitality and factory tours.

Caring For Your Aston Martin

If you’re lucky enough to own an Aston Martin you will probably be determined to keep it in tip top shape. Aston Martins in good condition are a pleasure to drive and look great on the roads, so staying on top of your car’s maintenance should be a high priority. Many choose to utilise the services of an experienced Aston Martin dealership when looking after their Aston Martin car. Expert professionals who have experience in looking after these amazing machines will be able to care for your car no matter what, and handle all repairs smoothly and efficiently.

DIY Aston Martin Repairs

There are always committed motor enthusiasts, however, who like to take car care into their own hands. Aston Martin’s are such high quality cars that they demand a higher level of care than other makes, so anyone who chooses to perform their own Aston Martin car maintenance needs to be sure of their own abilities before beginning.

Simple tasks, such as changing an oxygen sensor, can be performed quickly and easily by obtaining the right part from World Car Parts, however for more complex repair work and maintenance it’s advisable that you contact a specialist Aston Martin garage.

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