A Critical Review on Suspension in Cars

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SuspensionIt’s something that everyone has heard of and everyone takes for granted, but it’s something that is majorly important in so many industries. In this article I will be talking about suspension. Suspension is the part of a car or trailer that makes the journey much smoother. It consists of shock absorbers, springs, pads, etc. that help to keep the stability of the vehicle.

However, many people don’t consider suspension units for trailers. However, it is a crucial component that should be cared for. If you’re transporting animals, a smooth ride is needed to prevent aggravation. If you are transporting goods, you want them to arrive at their destination unscathed. If you are transporting a boat, you want the boat to arrive without any damage to the body work. So it is really important you have a suitable suspension unit.

These suspension units can be bought from many suppliers, but I would recommend Indespension. The business its self, whilst being dealers in many trailer based products, were built around the manufacture of suspension units right here in the UK. Their name its self comes from what they do – Independant suspension. So you know they are committed to what they do.

They manufacture a number of suspension parts, including suspension units with stub axles and suspension units with hubs.

The suspension unit pictured at the top of this article is called the ISSU016 and is complete with stub axles. It is heavy duty, with a weight baring capacity of 1000kg! That’s huge, and, like most of the units offered by Indespension, it comes complete with a mounting plate. This particular model is plated with zinc to minimise corrosion and lengthen its life. And whilst not all of them have this feature, they will all be made to last, so you can rest in the knowledge that you will be getting something that will last.

And, if that wasn’t enough, there are a large number of options, with a wide range of sizes, capacities, and prices, so whatever your need and whatever your budget, you will be sure to find the unit that is right for you.


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