A Century of Glory by Audi

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German car making company, Audi 100, is creating leaps and bounds in technology with their incredible sense of perfection. They seem to pair speed with luxury and in the most terrific ways to thrill you. Audi had their roots begin with traditional car making. They have come to the auto industry since its very beginning. This iconic company has been intertwined with other celebrated companies which have enjoyed a century for influencing the world with their car making.

AudiAudi started off with humble beginnings and became an international powerhouse with their incredible technological development and craftsmanship. They have incredible luxury enjoyed through the centuries and have had different incarnations, transformations and changes. They cam with differing names such as, Auto Union AG, to survive the World Wars and even seek entry to the US market undercover of their real identity.

They made crucial developments in the market even during the tough situations of 1940s recession. They had never compromised on their racing status either. Audi has also been put on podium 11 out of 11 times in their interaction at Le Mans. They have had diesel powered prototypes released which became consistent winners of all times. They have thus topped American Le Mans Series with glory.

This company was founded by August Horch in the July of 1909. This German company then went on to take the Latin translation of the founder’s last name and became named as Audi. This is how the brand name for Audi first got to be created.

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