9 Things People Usually don’t Know About Black Gold

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Well, it has several names like crude oil, petroleum, Texas tea etc, but theBlack Gold most attractive one that really tells all about its importance is black gold. You know this how important it is for the economic well-being of some country, but there are many things that you don’t know about it.

  • If you believe in creationism, it was the heat and pressure of hundreds of thousand years on animals and plants’ carcasses that became the cause of crude oil formation and these so much carcasses were the results of the Great Flood. Agreed?
  • If not, almost all the crude oil appeared due to pressure-cooking planktons as well as pond scum that are considered the most ancient and abundant forms of life on the earth.
  • One must not reckon Hummers responsible. It was because of these pond scum that eventually produced hundreds of trillions gallons of crude oil. But a considerable part of it evaporated or robbed by hungry bacteria.
  • Now oil companies are looking for only the small fraction of that remaining and they have to spend over $150b every year to find out some new reserves.
  • Gasoline is denser at low temperature and it can be useful if its purchase is made at night as gas pumps make gas measurements in volume.
  • Trippers must try to keep their vehicle windows close at higher speeds as vehicle’s fuel efficiency decrease nearly 10% while dragging with open windows.
  • If you succeed to clean 100lbs of junk from your vehicle, it can give you 2% extra miles within every gallon.
  • It has been found that missing or leaking caps release nearly 30gallons fuel in the atmosphere every year and that’s you definitely need to tighten them.

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