5 Best Models for Summer Cruising

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The summers are the time period when everyone plans to go on some exciting vacations, some plan to go to the beach while other plans for a mountain trip. But what about the thing which will make your trip successful ‘your car’, many people don’t really give a proper attention to their cars and resultantly their vacation plans gets unsuccessful due to vehicle’s problem. There are also many people who give a proper attention to their cars for the use in summer, their care might include: change of tires, waxing the paint, changing the carpets and others. The requirement of the cars for summer use are different for different people, youngsters needs a car that can give freedom of getting the fresher air and with that a good reliability because youngsters mostly go for something really adventurous. The older ones need a car in which they can carry their families for a nice vacation plan. Here I am going to show you 5 different models of cars that can prove to be perfect for the summer cruising.

Ford Mustang Convertible

This is one of the most ideal model for the summer driving, warm summer evening are considered ideal for the cruising purposes and the convertible top is ideal for such purposes. The latest 2010 Mustang comes with an amazing Ford’s Sync technology that is not available in the prior versions. Earlier the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro were considered ideal for this season but as they are not very into the market nowadays that’s why this car has got the high importance nowadays. Powered with the V6 engine this car gives you the horse power of 306 which is quite exciting to rock the roads in this season.

Honda Element

This is a very nice compact crossover SUV that is based on the modified CR-V platform that has been marketed in US and Canada since 2003. One of the exciting features of this SUV is its space that can prove to be best for any family during the days of vacations; the latest model of Honda element EX is its enhanced navigation system that features a complete point of interest database. The stereo also offers iPod integration which is another exciting new feature of this model and with that the voice commands are also reported to work very well. Honda has also introduced the ‘Dog friendly Pet accommodation kit’ that carries a cargo area kennel which is superb for the holidays. Thus overall we can say that this vehicle is perfect for a big family, it fulfills the requirement of style with its funky looks and the performance and reliability is also nice.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The latest model of this car is considered to be one of the best models of year 2010; this car is known as Miata in North America and Roadster in Japan and this two seated car is superb for the summer cruising. This car fulfills all those requirements which are thought of some sports car and one of the most exciting things is the speed which can make you fly on the roads with a very soothing driving experience. Powered by 2.0 liter engine this car gives you the power of 167hp and 140 lb-ft of torque which is really exciting for those who want to enjoy their summer trips fully. Another good thing about Miata is the price which is good and affordable for almost anyone so overall this is a summer gift of Mazda which lets you enjoy the evening of summer with a fantastic driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible

The Mercedes Benz E class is one of the most awaited models for summers; this car brings you the freedom of openness along with the ultimate luxury that comes with every Mercedes model. The E class is one of those luckiest mid-sized sedans of Mercedes which has got benefits of all the latest developments of Mercedes. This model comes with a price tag of $57,000 and it is available under the company’s European delivery program, the company pays for shipping and taxes charges but there are no destination charges involved. The company has brought such exciting features for this model that the experience with this car would be surely the best one ever.

Chrysler Town & Country

This is one of the most exciting models of minivan that is ideal for the large-family during the holidays; this model gives you the best ever style and luxury along with the ultimate performance and capabilities. Though the design of latest model is almost similar to the previous model but the company has brought some really nice performance features that are truly better than the predecessors. The inside of this minivan is quite well spacious and comfortable that you’ll not feel the discomfort of the long journey and will truly at home.

These were some of the models of vehicles that have been specially designed for the summer usage and having such a model with you during the summer holidays will truly bring the comfort and relaxation for that time period.

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