4X4 Cars Are The Future, And Here’s Why

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Historically, 4X4 cars were only associated with the rich and well off. They were something to be looked at in awe and admiration because they were simply unaffordable to most of the population.

However, nowadays, technology has become so advanced that 4X4 cars are actually affordable and available to almost anyone who can spare £10,000+. But that’s not only the reason why 4X4 cars are so popular, so let’s take a look at some of the other reasons.

Spare parts can be cheap

Choose your off-roader carefully, and you will find that parts on conventional cars that cost a small fortune are actually not very much at all. A complete exhaust system for an older Land Rover Defender will only set you back a generous £50.

Just going for a replacement catalytic converter is around £200 plus VAT, and it’ll lose double that for a complete exhaust system on something German. Oh yes, and when you buy a new car, it is recommended that you go for a new front pipe too which again is usually more than the cost of a complete exhaust system for an old Land Rover.


For the rural dwellers amongst us, 4X4’s are the go-to vehicle when it comes to the rough, off-road terrain which would normally thrash a regular car to kingdom come. 4X4’s offer better traction up and down hill as well as around those sometimes slippery corners. They work to their full capacity in the sometimes harsh, unpredictable weather we all endure.


The four-wheel drive technology can have many different variations. 4X4’s used to pertain only to 4-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles or SUVs and trucks. With the growing number of drivers and increased use of technology, AWD vehicles, such as saloons and minivans, are now equipped with a similar advanced technology. Many of the core features of the 4WD, like traction and stability, are incorporated in today’s AWD vehicles, making them safer and more reliable on the different terrains.


4X4’s are expensive, if bought new. Buying a used 4X4 from dealerships such as saxton 4X4, for example means they’re accessible and affordable to almost everyone. You don’t need to be a multimillionaire playboy to run such a commanding vehicle anymore. Solely the reason why we’re are seeing more and more 4X4 cars out on the road nowadays.

Freedom To Modify

You are in the market for a used 4×4 car to potentially take it off-roading, or if you’re a frequent long distance commuter. A potential benefit to buying a used 4X4 car is the fact that the manufacturer’s warranty may have expired. True off-roaders usually modify their trucks in some way, whether it’s tweaking the suspension, building in heavy-duty shock absorbers and springs, or adding to the engine. It is possible these changes may void any manufacturer’s warranty on a new or certified used 4×4 car, so buying an older truck without a warranty should allow buyers to more freely modify their off-road vehicle.

So, there you have it; some of the reasons why you should seriously consider looking into a 4X4.

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