2015 FXX K Ferrari – Review

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Ever had dreams of owning a car that is different from the conventional vehicles and has a weird but incredibly unique look? Well, apart from me, Ferrari knows that such cars exist. An example of such sophisticated vehicle is the flagship FXXK by Ferrari. Although this auto cannot get driven on regular roads, the latest LaFerrari embodies the pure racing machine on the track. FXXK is currently the only racing car that boasts the application of the V12 drivetrain found in most conventional vehicles. With an additional drive power of 101 hp, other features make this vehicle “road-illegal”.

The invention that seems to be the answer to McLaren’s P1 speedboat has a revamped power that leaves the FXXK at a fantastic 1036bhp. Such enhanced power beats many locomotives and other machines such as an electric motor by a considerable amount. The speed that results from such power will yield fatal results just in case an accident occurs. That is one reason Ferrari remarked that the auto might never get used in racing since it cannot get inhibited by either track specifications or homologation. According to Ferrari, the FXXK, which was an uncompromising technology, will be tested for the next two years by an exclusive group of drivers who will have the privilege of feeling its sheer driving performance. That will get done through a test program that will be issued by the racing group.

2015 FXX K Ferrari

Ahead of its debut at the Yas Marina track in Abu Dhabi, the K in the name of the LaFerrari refers to a specialized system in applies known as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). The racecar will run with a V12 hybrid engine of 6 liters. The torque earned by this beastly machine will stand at an all-time 664 lb-ft. The horsepower gets a boost from an electric motor that will supply a 190bhp, adding to its natural-produced 848bhp. With such statistics, Ferrari should have remarked on the 0-60 mph specs but failed to do so.

2015 FXX K Ferrari

Most car experts speculate that driving at 0 to 60 mph might get between 2 and 2.7 seconds given that the standard version of the LaFerrari only takes the day by 2.8 seconds. More enhanced components of the FXX K include a replacement of the older hydraulics by intake manifolds. Other developments include newer shafts and the removal of exhaust silencers, so be ready to get some considerable noise pollution while driving. Ferrari remark that the development is due to sentiments of weight reduction and power saving.  The downforce increased by 50% to that of the standard LaFerrari has made an impact on its aerodynamics. Four distinct modes got included in the FXX K, which are the quality mode, manual boost, long run and fast charge modes.

2015 FXX K Ferrari

Other briefs include the spoilers of dual-deck status and an updated control system. Price and availability information have not received revelations yet, but we all know that such a machine is not the regular inexpensive drive we see around.

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