2014 Nissan GT-R – Review

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The new 2014 Nissan GT-R has been launched in the market with a host of styling and performance updates. The exterior body of the car by BenSopra features a stylish aerodynamic and muscular body. A few critics have already compared the 2014 Nissan GT-R with a fire-breathing Godzilla. The door sills, doors, engine cover, and the cooling panel set all the parts are treated with carbon-fiber. The GT-R has a 545-bph turbocharged, 3.8 liter V-6 engine that comes along with Switzer’s turbo kit, HKS downpipe, and resonated Y pipe. The custom ceramic brake allows the car to stop faster than its competitors.


Nissan GT-R has acceleration that can challenge Bugatti Veyron. It also has a high maneuverability that can well be compared to finest of Italian cars. Packed with technology, the car can run faster, turn sharper, and of course brake better than any other car in its line. The car has an impressive torque of 6,000 rpm. A special thing about this car in the words of Carl Phillips, Nissan’s head of marketing is that – “The [GT-R] engines are all built by hand…a single person builds each engine from start to finish.” You can find the name of the person who constructed the V-6 engine for each GT-R.


To improve the Camber accuracy of the car under heavy load, manufacturers have fitted cam bolts in the car’s front suspension. The car also has a better steering response and stability at all speed levels as compared to other cars of its line. When it comes to turn, less of steering effort is required by the new 2014 Nissan GT-R. It is claimed that the GT-R can stop from 60mph in less than 100 feet on both wet and dry surfaces.


The Bilstein dampers soften the ride and removes excessive crashing and banging when moving over undulations on the road.  The car is not just high on performance, but, also on safety and comforts of driving. The GT-R also has an impressive drag coefficient of only 0.26 Cd, which is almost similar to Toyota Prius Hybrid.


The Nissan GT-R boasts of a comfortable and stylish interior. The two-tone color scheme with a combination of amber red and black gives it a fashionable character. The cover of steering wheel is also well-matched with the colors of the car’s interior. In addition to this, the car comes with slip-resistant leather upholstery and supportive side cushions.



The Design

One of the main reasons behind the car’s high acceleration is its aerodynamic design. The coefficient of drag has also been improved, which helps the car to move with less resistance. The car also has 10 percent more downforce as compared to other cars and more air routes through the sides than from over the top of the vehicle. The improved design of the car also makes it fuel-efficient with impressive figures as 16mpl on the city and 23mpl on the highway. The Nissan GT-R features large vents and grille, which aid in increased airflow to the front brakes and radiator. The new design of the car also includes the new lights on the front air dam. There are also small vents in the rear bumper.

The new GT-R is available in two trim levels – the base and the premium. If you choose the premium model, you get integrated Bose audio system and side-curtain airbags. In addition to that, the premium model also features automatic wipers and headlights, an iPod interface, and Bluetooth streaming audio. The Nissan GT-R premium starts at a price of $100, 590, which is slightly higher than its previous versions.

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