2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Gets ‘SUV of the Year’ Title

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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (Street and Racing Technology) has been awarded ‘SUV of the Year’ by Esquire magazine at the Esquire Car Awards. All the vehicles considered for the 2013 Esquire Car Awards were required to be brand new, attractive to Esquire readers, stylish, carry a good value and be something a person would love to drive.

The Esquire Magazine editor-in-chief praised the SRT a lot. He stated that the sound of ignition and engine was something that attracted him the most. The car is also reasonably priced.

The magazine’s editors drove a huge number of cars before making the selection. The driven cars will appear in the November’s edition of Esquire Magazine. The president of the SRT brand made positive comments about Cherokee SRT. He stated that the engineering team tried to add as much luxury as they possibly could while keeping the price reasonable. He continued by stating that the SRT performs exceptionally well for the price tag it has.

The exterior is stylish as well and adds to its overall feel and value. Some racing technology was part of the Cherokee SRT, which improves its handling and behavior around corners. The race tech helps the SUV to grip surfaces without losing traction. The exterior is not only elegant but also aerodynamic. The interior contains all the basic elements of any luxury car. The standard car is an eight-speed manual transmission and is more economical than previous models. It has a better towing capacity and improved software to increase driving optimization. It packs 470 hp at 6000 rpm and generates 630 N-m of torque at 4300 rpm.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

Some design improvements are: latest signature LED character lamp treatment, a brawnier grille, a latest one-touch liftgate and a modern rear spoiler. The 2014 SRT lineup includes: the Chrysler 300 SRT, Dodge Challenger SRT, Dodge Charger SRT and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.

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