2013 Buick Encore Declared as Most Fuel-Efficenct Crossover

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A research on consumer buying behavior about 4 wheel vehicles suggests that 70% of people preferably buy a car that offers them good fuel economy value. It’s not surprising because soaring fuel prices has badly affected the budget of the majority of people around the globe. To cope up with this behavior and to increase their pie Automotive manufacturers are in the race to produce performance oriented vehicles with shining EPA ratings.

Buick introduced 2013 Buick Encore Luxury Crossover with the aim to cater the traveling needs of urban class and now you will be pleased to read that its estimated EPA for city, highway and combined is 25mpg, 33mpg and 28mpg respectively. These are the EPA ratings for new Buick Encore Front wheel drive equipped 6 speed automatic transmission. The new Buick Crossover is claimed to be the best crossover yet in terms of fuel economy.

Let’s compare EPA ratings of 2013 BuickEncore Luxury Crossover with vehicles of its top competitors;

Competitors          EPA Ratings

                                                   City          Highway  Combined

Ford Escape                       23 mpg    33mpg           26mpg

Jeep Compass                  23mpg      28mpg          25mpg

Mini Countryman S     25mpg      23mpg

Volkswagen Tiguan      21mpg     26mpg

Jim Danahy, Vehicle Chief Engineer at Buick said, “Right from its inception, Encore was designed to offer customers the safety and comfort expected of any Buick, but with an added emphasis on space and fuel efficiency. We did things like specify one optimized wheel and tire package to ensure that every customer has the best driving experience possible.”

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