2012 Scion xD-A Review

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Scion vehicles are known for unique styling and tech-oriented features, car lovers love to buy most of Scion cars just because of extra comfort and value added features which they get under one roof. You will be happy to know that 2012 Scion xD is available with all high-tech features that you ever desired in your most desirable Scion cars.

Powerful Engine

2012 xD is powered by 1.8L 4-cylinder engine, its dual VVT-i produces Horsepower of 128Hp. Fuel economy is improved by roller-rocker system and lightweight pistons, on the other side piston cooling oil-jet facilitate the driver to attain maximum fuel-efficiency. You are free to choose among two transmission options i.e. 5 speed manual transmission and 4-speed automatic transmission.

Exceptional Exterior

Exterior of this bold and stylish car is simply exceptional. Most prominent exterior features which make it appealing are;

  • Bold Back Window (Narrow and Long)
  • Accentuated Wheel Flares
  • Incorporated lower and upper grille
  • Headlamps (Horizontal)
  • Side Mirrors with incorporated turn signals
  • 16inch Steel Wheels

Innovative Interior

Scion has intelligently designed the interior of 2012 xD, when you will look into you will fall in love with interior details especially the instrument panel that consists of awe-inspiring features like indicator lamps, odometer, fuel gauge with LCD, distinctive speedometer and tachometer. Other than these high-tech features, you will find it extremely comfortable and spacious car with enough storage space. If you want more cargo space, back seats can be easily folded and added comfort to rear passengers is provided by 5 flexible reclining positions so that back passengers can adjust the seats according to their comfort level.

Salient High-Tech Features

  • HD Radio Technology
  • Pioneer Audio System with maximum output of 160 Watt
  • Bluetooth Handsfree
  • Bluetooth Streaming Audio

HD Radio Technology

2012 Scion xD is available with HD Radio Technology as standard feature that let users to enjoy audio streaming on phone and pairing devices. You can enjoy this system with following features;

  • OEL (Organic Electroluminescent) screen
  • Advanced Sound Retriever
  • Subwoofer RCA Output
  • USB Port
  • Universal Auxiliary Port

Pioneer Audio System

Pioneer Audio System with output of 200 watt will be available as optional feature, 5.8inch LCD is the main feature of this system.


Starting MSRP of 2012 xD is US $15,345.

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