2009 Nissan Rogue

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The 2009 Nissan Rogue is the updated version of the cross over SUV2009 Nissan Rogue which was introduced as a 2008 model.  The Nissan has almost the same features as the murano but it is shorter and more attractive than murano especially with the dark colors. The 2009 Nissan has the following features which were not altered much after the introduction of the 2008 model. The features include:

  • 4 door wagon which has 5 seating
  • Availability of S and SL model- In the S model, the front or all wheel drives is used and has 16 inches wheels and power windows, locks and mirrors while the SL model has a 17 inches wheels, body-colored mirrors, exhaust-tip that is stainless steel and an optional steering wheel.
  • Horse power train is 175-hp Cal emission 2.5 liter 4cylinder engine.
  • Continuously Variable automatic transition
  • Has safety features such as ABCs, traction control, antiskid system, airbags on the front side, and curtain side air bags.
  • The optional equipments has features which include; Leather upholstery, heated front seats, sunroof, cell phone links  such as Bluetooth, entry which are done without a key or key less engine start and lastly Xenon head lights.

The inside of rogue’s cabin is very simple and functional. It has leather package inside which is first-rate thus giving it sophistication and more luxurious look. It also has flexible and more appealing seats to anyone who uses it. Another feature than can be found inside is it’s easy to read gauges which have round electroluminescent info centre suspended between very huge tachometer and speedometer readouts. The ventilation is well placed


The 2009 Nissan rogue is less expensive as compared to other utility vehicles and on top of that, it economizes on the use of fuel thus making use of the least fuel while being driven. For example, it uses 22mpg in the city/ 27mpg on the highway for two wheel drive model and 21mpg city/26 mpg highway for four wheel drive model. Nissan Rogue is also designed in such a way that the buyer usually considers its powers, the masculine stylish look and the modern complexity it has before making a decision to buy it. In addition to that, it has all the important compartments and enough storage spaces that are necessary to the user.

Nissan Rogue

Rogue can be used as a family vehicle thus to maintain its functionality, it was created with a higher level of acceleration, fun to drive attributes that are not available with other traditional small cross over SUVs therefore making rogue feels like its riding on clouds. It has small sport utility to handle speed bumps, potholes and gravel roads.


When compared with other car models like Murano, it share many features such as power train including CVT, Sentra but the uniqueness comes in its all wheel drive system  which others don’t have. The highly demanded Nissan rogue 2009 model is the SL which is deemed to be a capable people mover because of its quality.

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